Wali Collins on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Do you feel grateful for what you have? Yeah. Definitely. Without a doubt. As positive a yes that I can push out of my body. 

What made you have a strong sense of gratitude? As I got older I realized it was my parents that reminded me and my two older sisters about being grateful for what we have. If I’m feeling down and complaining, she would say it could be worst. She taught me to be grateful about doing commercials and getting residual checks. I got a residual check for two cents and complained.  “Yeah, but now you’re two cents richer,” she said. I welcome two cents, twenty-three cents. My wife loves the slot machines.  She was there for three or four hours. She made two dollars. I see you made two dollars more. You came out on top.  It’s about appreciation, it’s not that amount. Its something to behold. It’s a mindset that wealth is on its way.  You are a penny richer. You’ve got to start somewhere.

How do you show your gratitude? Somehow someway I try to pay it forward. I try to express it in conversation when I’m on stage. Walking through life.  If I’m at a store. I try to show my gratitude a little bit more.  If they’re complaining about their day.  Comforting where necessary. Sincerely giving compliments, like your hair’s’ really pretty or I dig that beard.  It’s cool to hear that. If someone said that to me it’s a nice feeling. Then it becomes contagious and when people are in a good mood, they want people around them to be in a good mood. It’s a nice feeling to know I initiated that and I was a part of that-- a living philosophy of how I live my life. Y’NEVANO.






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