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Dynamic Aging – Katy Bowman
Propriometrics Press – 262 pp - $16.95

   Today’s entrepreneurs know the importance of publicizing one’s business across a mix of platforms – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – in order to reach their consumers.

   But to remain true to herself, Nutritious Movement founder and biomechanist Katy Bowman is scaling back some.

   Bowman leads classes at her Nutritious Movement Center Northwest in Sequim, a picturesque small town in Washington State. Over time, this enthusiastic crusader for incorporating more movement into our daily lives has expanded her reach by blogging, recording podcasts, writing and publishing books, and overseeing Nutritious Movement workshops and retreats worldwide.

   But recently, Bowman realized that her work commitments were keeping her parked in front of a computer screen for way too long every day. Oh, the irony.

   So now she’s disrupting her routine. At the end of 2016, Bowman discontinued posting on her blog. This summer, she’s taking a break from social media.

   That doesn’t mean Bowman has abandoned her followers. She’s still involved in movement retreats, health symposia, and classes. And for those who can’t catch up with her in Sequim or New Zealand or New York, they can still check out any of the eight books Bowman has written.

   Her most recent offering is “Dynamic Aging.” Bowman co-authored this book with the help of four Nutritious Movement practitioners who are over the age of 75. A photo of these ladies hiking up a mountainside is featured on the book cover. On the pages within, their personal testimonials about the impact Bowman’s natural movement exercises have had on their lives make this a very persuasive book.

   If you aren’t yet a “goldener,” try some of Bowman’s other books. “Movement Matters” is an essay collection focusing on the perils of a sedentary lifestyle and the benefits of committing to a movement-filled life.  “Move Your DNA” suggests ways to incorporate more physical activity into your own routine. The point is – it’s time to get up and get moving!

Barbara Lloyd McMichael is our ground reporter in South King County, Wash., and author of the syndicated book review column “The Bookmonger.” Her PR for People® Book Review is written exclusively for The Connector. 


Barbara McMichael

Barbara Lloyd McMichael is based in the Pacific Northwest and writes about books and culture. She writes a syndicated weekly book review column called  “The Bookmonger” that focuses on Northwest books and authors. Her PR for People® Book Review is written exclusively for The Connector. 

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