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Art is in the eye of the beholder and the passion thereof time and limitless. The same can be said about Brad Twaddle’s immeasurable energy and passion for Dancing and the Arts.

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Finding Refuge in Song

“If you say you drive, nobody compares you to a Nascar racer. If you say you can cook, nobody expects you to be a chef. But if you say you’re a singer, you’d better be a professional,” says Kelly Armor, a northwestern Pennsylvania folklorist and musician. “Our culture believes that true singers are a chosen and blessed few.”

Kelly’s engineer father and computer programmer mother encouraged her early interest in music. Her father...

Museum of Bad Art

In Somerville, MA
Louise Sacco and Michael Frank find a calling in presenting art that otherwise might be overlooked.

Barbi Leifert Selected as ARTExpo New York 2016 Finalist

Barbi Leifert has recently been slected of one of the finalists for Artexpo 2016 Poster Challenge! 


Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Theater

Steamboat Springs, a western Colorado town known for its Olympic skiers and summer bikers, also has an arts theater with a rich past that was built nearly 90 years ago, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Chief Theater, which dates back to 1927, was recently bought from a multiplex movie chain by a group of local residents hoping to revive the spirit of the theater in its heyday. Now a non-profit community...

Talman Welle: If You Can’t Imagine Anything Else

When he wrote the lyric, “I was born/ One dark gray morn/ With the music comin’ in my ears,” Paul Simon could have had Talman Welle in mind. Whether it really was dark and gray is not certain, but this is Bremerton, Washington we're talking about, so chances are good that it was. He certainly came into the world surrounded by music.

Scientists now tell us that babies are affected by music in utero. So maybe it was preordained...