BARBI LEIFERT | Capturing the Soul of Movement

Seattle-based Painter Barbi Leifert captures the soul of a dancer in her life’s work by exploring the energy, vibrancy and artistic brilliance inherent in contemporary dance. Ms. Leifert, who was a dancer since the age of three, has observed that when she’s creating a painting, she’s not copying pictures of movement.  From her many years of dance and choreography, she actually has the movement in her body to the extent that she’s painting the feeling of the dance and not just the imagery. She has taken all that she has embraced as a dancer and shows the fluid lines of motion and the flashes of spark and color in her paintings. A native New Yorker now living in Seattle, WA, Barbi Leifert shows her paintings in Malibu, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, New York, Florida and Seattle.  In addition to her training and career as a dancer, she is the author of the Manhattan Dance School Directory that was first published in 1978.  The book chronicles the 84 dance schools that were individually owned and operated in New York City. (Available on Barbi Leifert was also a freelance arts writer for Gannett Newspapers covering both dance and the arts. A native New Yorker, Barbi Leifert shows her paintings in Malibu, New York, Florida and Seattle.


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