How are large corporations like Walmart handing out tax windfalls to the people?

How are  large corporations handing out tax windfalls to the people? In a surprise move that shows how Walmart plans to redistribute part of their windfall from corporate tax cuts with their employees, they have fired thousands of Sam Club employees nationally. 

The Digital View of Making It

“Making it” can take on many meanings. To some it can be as simple as having a job in a field of their choice. To others, rising to the top of the field of their choice would be making it.  Another variation would be attaining a certain position in that field.

Jersey City Has a New Room, Style Advice and More

Jersey City Has a New Room, An Ex Comic Has Style Advice For Comedians, Plus News From Ian Fidance, and More

Your Camera's Shutter

Note: At the risk of sounding too “scientific” I thought this little lesson might help the average photographer understand more about how the camera actually works.

The Biosocial Contract, Part 2: Some Policy Implications

An ideology without a concrete, programmatic plan for how to realize its objectives is merely rhetoric, or fantasy, or perhaps even sophistry.  It’s only when you spell out the social, economic and political implications of your vision that you allow its merits, and practicality (and political viability) to be tested in the real world.  Marxism was extremely vague and permitted the likes of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao to fashion their own political agendas.  Modern libertarianism, likewise, comes in a bewildering array of sometimes contradictory views.  Some libertarians seem to take a piecemeal approach (in this country at least), focusing on such specific political issues as legalizing marijuana, gay/lesbian/transgender rights, Obamacare, etc.

The Biosocial Contract (Part 1): An Ideology for the Fair Society

It’s not what you think.  In the age of texting and tweets, our whole society seems to suffer from an attention deficit disorder.  So, let me begin with a disclaimer.  A Biosocial Contract (or Biosocialism for short) has nothing to do with socialism in any one of its many different forms.  If anything, its philosophical roots could be traced back to Plato’s Republic and The Laws (I’ll explain later on).  In fact, the theoretical foundation and basic assumptions of Biosocialism are rooted in evolutionary biology and the emerging science of human nature – quite unlike the other “isms” that are out there in our politics.

“Feedback”: It’s the Only Way to “Control the Controllers”

Feedback” is a hugely important phenomenon.  It plays a key role in all goal-oriented, dynamic systems, from living organisms to self-driving cars.  Feedback is information that tells a system how it is doing in relation to its goals and guides its behavior over time.  (Feedback systems are often referred to as being “cybernetic”, after the Greek word for “helmsman” – kybernetes.)  Positive feedback tells the system to continue doing what it is doing, or even to do more of it.  And negative feedback tells the system to change its behavior. 

The Media and Trump: More is Less

By now the media should know what many citizens have well learned: Donald Trump is a dangerous, supremely ignorant embarrassment.  The media’s continuing preoccupation with reporting Trump’s daily idiocies is in itself dangerous and unnecessary.