About Peter Corning

Peter Corning is currently the Director of the Institute for the Study of Complex Systems in Seattle, Washington.  He was also once a science writer at Newsweek and a professor for many years in the Human Biology Program at Stanford University, along with holding a research appointment in Stanford’s Behavior Genetics Laboratory.  

Does Our Species Have a Future?

Does Our Species Have a Future? Dr. Peter Corning’s New Book Redefines What Evolution Can Teach Us About How the World Works.

“A House Divided”: It’s Time to Heed Lincoln’s Warning

There is a deep political division in this country today that is more threatening than at any time since the Civil War.

Leadership in Commercial Mediation

For well over 25 years, mediation has been a voluntary or mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process in many state and federal courts.  Concurrent with the growth of mediation has been a proliferation of mediation training and a great deal of online discussion, blogging and tweeting about mediation.  Much mediation discussion can appear academic, self -absorbed and indifferent to party expectations of the mediation process.

The Social Contract: Who Needs It?

Let’s begin with some political theory. Aristotle, in his great treatise, the Politics, concluded that there are, basically, only two different kinds of governments in terms of the outcomes for a society — those that serve the common good, or the public interest, and those that have been co-opted to serve the self-interests of the people who hold political power. 

Emerge America - Getting Women to Run for Office

Women in politics? Let’s face it the statistics are horrific. To name a few, only 37 women have ever served as Governor across the United States. Almost five times as many men hold elected office in the United States than women. The United States currently ranks 95th in the world in the number of women serving in their national legislatures. We are behind Mexico, China and Pakistan.  In 2002 Andrea Dew Steele who is active in the Democratic Party was aroused by the incredible lack of women holding elected office at the local level in San Francisco and founded Emerge American. Today 22 other states use the program.From Colorado Emerge America - Getting Women to Run for Office



Kalamazoo Public Library

The key to understanding people begins with education. One way to learn about the world is by developing a love of books. Each month, we will profile a library that one of our whisperers told us about. Do you have a library that you love? Tell us about it. 

Wali Collins Comedy Cup Breaks New Ground

An audience doesn’t have to travel to ancient Rome to see gladiators battle to the death. Today’s fiercest warriors happen to be New York City’s finest comedians.  Now a regular show at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, Wali Collins’ Comedy Cup has turned into a real sensation! And who is this Wali Collins dude?