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TimeXtender, leader in data warehouse automation solutions, brings a renewed focus to the DWA and BI Markets!

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Lael Echo-Hawk: Bringing Broadband to Indian Country

Lael Echo-Hawk, an attorney at Garvey Schubert Barer, has been working actively with tribal leaders to give them the tools they need to explore the opportunities of bringing high-speed, broadband internet access to their organizations and communities.

Long distance communication has been around for a long time in America. Historically speaking, the Native American tribes were the first to use long distance communication by...

Beauty is in the Context of the Beholder

Recently, I had the experience of showing up for Shady’s vet appointment on the wrong day. When the receptionist said Saturday at 10:30, I immediately thought the Saturday that was 2 days away. Unfortunately, she meant the Saturday that was a week and 2 days away. What was missing from this exchange was the context of a date. I now know to confirm appointments with: “I will be there on Saturday, January 26,” so that both parties are on the...

Digital Strategy + Good Works

Digital strategy enables those who do good to do well. By maintaining and nurturing a digital presence, one can increase awareness, image and urgency. Whether an organization is large or small, fully budgeted or on a shoestring, the basic tools are available with equal access. Charities can take advantage of online tools to serve their goals.

                  Messaging is critical. Be it a tag sale or a global effort, online...

The Bird that Ate Search Engine Optimization

On September 26, Google announced its Hummingbird update, living up to the irony of their update naming convention, as this is no pint-sized change. With Hummingbird, Google moved even further from a link-based model of relevance-ranking to the user-experience model of relevance that started with the...

Technology Jobs are Out There

Listening to national reports about the job market, it’s easy to think the news is all bad. But there are some bright spots, most notably in the technology sector, where there is actually a shortage of skilled workers.  Demand for positions like software developers, computer programmers and database administrators is expected to grow almost 14 percent in Washington state over the next five years, outpacing the national demand by several...