Jesper Vork | Business Intelligence from Denmark to America

Danish born Jesper Vork was with Microsoft before founding Performance Partners Business Intelligence. PPBI is a reseller of Business Intelligence Software from the Australian-based Calumo and TimeXtender, from his native Demark to current users of mainframe computers, such as Fortune 500 companies. “Business Intelligence,” Vork explains, “in my definition, is to help businesses get the information they need and to make the right decisions at the right time.” From 1999 to 2004, he had his own software consulting company in Denmark, utilizing Microsoft technology until the Redmond-based giant recruited Vork and a partner to work in one of their new Business Intelligence project groups.

After Microsoft, Vork decided to create a new start-up here in the Pacific Northwest. “We have found two complementary pieces of software and are marketing that primarily in the US market.” Starting and running his own business was not new to Vork, having done it in Denmark. He said being his own boss suits his personality “because I’m not very good at following rules – someone else’s or my own.” In the final analysis, he is an entrepreneur at heart. 

In all, his company has three decades working with BI software solutions. By pairing the solutions, their customers achieve world-class results for far less money and with far less risk. Their clients see tangible results in days or weeks, rather than months.“ Our solutions are easy to implement through a straight forward web deployment. “We provide cost effective access which allows users to publish their own pages in a simple and guided environment,” said Vork. “They can now navigate to the information that they need to focus on what matters most.” 


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