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Using Manure to Tame the Energy Hog

Pigs are a big deal. Four in 10 pounds of meat eaten worldwide is pork and, in the United States alone, there are as many as 75 million or more pigs being grown for food. Since each pig can produce half to three-quarters of a ton of manure on its way to market, their wastes are a big deal, too.

Collected in open-air pits as they used to be on the 10 Murphy Brown hog farms in southwest Utah, the waste can be a smelly threat to...

Water-Free Makes Economic, Environmental Sense

The recent water main break at UCLA in Los Angeles this July, resulting in the loss of more than 20 million gallons of badly needed water, stresses the importance of water conservation efforts, not only for residents but business as well.

During California’s worst-ever water crisis, it may seem like businesses aren’t doing their part to conserve or that only residents are facing the brunt. However, businesses across Los Angeles...

Songs Teach Kids to Live in a Green World

How did you learn your ABC’s? It was with the “ABC Song,” wasn’t it? Team Green World is a nonprofit organization that builds off of that same musical model to teach children and their parents how to think ecologically through “eco-edutainment.”

Our group uses music, dance, videos and an interactive puppet show. We even have a new, costumed butterfly character, "Eco the Butterfly."

The idea for Team Green World was...