Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

From Charleston, SC

Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

By: Katie Webb, Corporate Accounts Manager of AM Conservation Group and Charlene Moody, Senior Account Executive of AM Conservation Group

We as a global economy have come to the realization that to keep from becoming obsolete, corporate sustainability is vital! And now more than ever, corporations are relying heavily on their employees to fuel the vitality of the organization and employee engagement is key to that success. Employees are not just in it for the money, they want to work for an organization that’s sustainable, green and socially responsible!  

So how do corporations get the message out about their corporate sustainability goals? Email blasts, posters, nifty logo pens? NO. The smart companies engage their employees. They show their employees that they care: care about them, care about the environment, care about society. They give them the tools to effect change. We’ve taken this approach to corporate sustainability.

AM Conservation Group works with utilities, contractors, municipalities and corporations, and our water and energy conservation products have saved citizens over 5 billion dollars in energy and water savings since our inception in 1989. We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, and recently deployed custom conservation product kits for corporations such as Nestle Waters, AT&T, and General Mills as a way to help connect the dots with their employees and the company’s sustainability initiatives. Our partnership with a General Mills facility, in particular, was an outstanding success.

We coordinated our efforts with the QRO Manager Amanda Downie at the General Mills Winnipeg facility. Together, we created a highly customized conservation kit that included items such as LED bulbs, indoor and outdoor water savers, an energy saving smart surge protector and education/marketing communications for the home and about GM. These products will help reduce their employees’ utility bills and give back to the environment.

Engaging initiatives like this prove that efficiency product kits should be a top-of-mind method when addressing corporate sustainability.


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