Latest Posts in Ukraine

May is Our Do Gooder Issue

There is no such thing as a good war, but some wars are more noble than others. This month Carl Larson writes about his experience providing defense support for Ukraine. Larson is also the Co-founder and President of the nonprofit organization Ukraine Defense Support (UDS) that provides non-lethal support aid to this war-ravaged nation. This month Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Ed.D, who is an advocate for literacy and the host of a YouTube program called Talking Books with Tanisha. Patricia Vaccarino writes about her grandmother Katherine Sheedy and St. Mary’s Church (Yonkers, NY) in The Third Candle.


In June 2022, I found myself perched precariously on the second-story roof of an abandoned house in the far east of Ukraine, listening to Russian mortar rounds impact closer and closer. As I risked a broken neck or worse trying to get mobile service, I caught myself laughing at the surreal, impossible nature of where I was. I could be back in Seattle with my beautiful wife, working at my comfortable IT job, building my even more comfortable future. Instead, here I was, 10 meters up in the air in far northeastern Ukraine...

Digging Out

It is hard to know where to begin, after such a seemingly endless stream of weather-related disasters and, most recently, the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Only yesterday did the earthquake recovery efforts there begin to move to the next stage of restoration.  

Looking Ahead

We can expect two full years of such obstruction and chaos, at a time when the Supreme Court appears bent on undoing years of settled opinion around issues we consider to be at the heart of our democracy.

The Million Dollar Question

Perhaps one answer still lies in our citizenry— a mindful choice, that all Americans can make—to finally refrain from blame; to lower the thermostat of rage that divides us; to lay down the baggage of fear we’ve been carrying; and check our egos at the open door before boarding; and to at last realize we are all riding on the same bus—and nobody deserves to be thrown under it.