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Patricia Vaccarino writes book reviews for love or money

I am swamped with book review requests from authors, publishers and publicists. I know how hard it is for authors to get quality book reviews, and I also know that traditional book reviewers will not review anything other than the “big books.” I am happy to write a book review, but my time is important to me.

Book Review: The Blue Flower

The story focuses on twenty-two-year-old Fritz who becomes enchanted with the twelve-year-old Sophie von Kühn and asks for her hand in marriage. No one can understand the attraction. Fritz is educated and comes from a family of substance, whereas Sophie is termed a dullard without means or money.

Book Review: The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch

Hold on and keep yourself afloat for a stormy ride on the northwest coast of England. Shakespearean Actor and Director Charles Arrowby has left the glamorous theater world of London to retire in a damp drafty home by the sea, presumably to write his memoir. As the narrator/protagonist, Charles Arrowby rants with the tireless exasperation of a self-obsessed madman. He craves solitude, yet a surreal cast of characters from his former life in theater appears and reappears, coming and going like the ebb and flow of a churning sea.