Nebraska’s Goldenrod Pastries

In Search of the Sweet Life: Trekking the World in the Name of Pastry


Angela Garbacz has trotted the globe to find the world’s best food and has the stamps on her passport to prove it.

She’s enjoyed life-changing buckwheat pancakes in Reykjavík, visited a specialized temperature-controlled cake decorating kitchen at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, and discovered a boutique in Amsterdam that served only perfect little chocolate cookies with white chocolate ganache centers.

These types of discoveries especially excite Garbacz as a pastry chef and owner of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Goldenrod Pastries—a boutique patisserie specializing in dairy and gluten-free baked goods.

“If I could put together a collage of photos from every restaurant, coffee shop, and bakery I've visited, you would likely be able to see little...

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