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Subarachnoid Hemorrhagic Stroke of Luck


“How I Found the Silver Lining in a Cloud of Stroke”

I’m only 57. I could have believed a forecast of cloudy-and-a-chance-of-stroke a decade into my future. But not THIS year. Not when I’m too young for Medicare. Not with a career peaking and lots of travel planned—FINALLY enjoying life my way.

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Good Law and Good Fishing

From Nebraska: The water is still, like glass, when the sun crests the horizon. Silence, except for a few loons crooning in the distance and the unmistakable sound of a fish jumping. There’s nothing quite like that moment of the day for a fisherperson.

Solo Travel: Wanderlust for One

Imagine: you step off a train in a small French town. The station doesn’t have internet access and you don’t have a place to stay. As the sun begins to set, you’re forced to walk down the cobbled streets, hoping a tattered-looking hotel spotted in the distance will have a bed for you.

For globetrotters like Catherine Sypal, this type of open-ended adventure with no guarantees is the appeal of traveling alone.


From Nebraska Omaha Collaborative: When Startup Culture Meets Nebraska Nice

The Omaha Startup Collaborative puts a premium on informal spaces where members can work together away from their offices

In a 100-year-old building that once brought together grain traders, the Omaha Startup Collaborative brings together knowledge traders, such as the developers at Crumb. The innovative startup company, one of 67 Collaborative members, lets doctors see...

Taking the Pit Out of Puddin’

Taking the Pit Out of Puddin’: Nebraska Humane Society

Some time ago, a fighting dog from the illegal pit-fighting underground in Nebraska (now almost nonexistent) came to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS), the nation’s fifth largest of its kind, with 150 employees. The dog’s name was Puddin.”It was an unusual name for a vicious animal, agreed Denise Gurss, director of shelter training and behavior. It didn’t take long...