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BOOKS: By Barbara Lloyd McMichael Resolving disputes – guide tells you how

So, You Want to Mediate? – Gregg Bertram, M.A., J.D., LL.M.

Pacific ADR Consulting – 24 pp - $8.95

   This presidential campaign season has upped the wild and crazy quotient – and once the votes are counted, one worries if the dust will settle even then. Do Americans on opposite sides of the fence even remember how to get past the vitriol and work with one another?

   A new guide suggests that there are approaches and processes that can...

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Jean Y. Kang Joins Pacific ADR Consulting LLC

Jean Y. Kang has joined Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC as a panel member. Ms. Kang is an active trial lawyer with a diverse background, including criminal prosecution and both plaintiff and defense civil work.  Ms. Kang has litigated and participated in numerous arbitrations and mediations for various civil litigation matters as counsel for both Plaintiff and Defendant.  

Pacific ADR Consulting | True Neutral

Gregg Bertram M.A., J.D., one of the most experienced and successful mediators in the U.S. He is the founder and CEO of Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC, a Pacific Northwest mediation and arbitration service provider.  In 2015, Gregg Bertram foundedPacific ADR Consulting, LLC, a Northwest mediation and arbitration service provider.  Gregg and Pacific ADR's panelists mediate and/or arbitrate in every area of civil litigation and at the highest professional level. The company is known for the high quality of its panel members, who are well prepared and bring sharp focus, experience and authentic neutrality to every case.

Gregg Bertram True Neutral

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Attorney Gregg Bertram, who is the founder and CEO of Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC, which is a company that specializes in mediation and arbitration. Although Pacific ADR’s headquarters are in Seattle, the company is now expanding into other areas of country. At PR for People, we’re intrigued by how Gregg and his team of panelists are often able to help parties resolve legal conflicts without...