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One person One Vote

Everyone is talking about the 2020 election! Americans speak their minds and never quit, even when the going gets tough, or when darkness sets in and steals light away from truth. This year is going to be a very close election and there is no telling who might win. The stakes are high! Candidates are running neck and neck, like a horse race. Your vote really will make a difference. 

"The Enemy Within"

The idea of an “enemy within” is so gut-grabbing and scare-mongering that it has been used many times for book titles. The title has been used for an entire haunted house full of closet enemies. I would like to nominate yet another candidate for this menagerie of enemies.  It involves a mortal threat to our democracy. It is the combined result of a confluence of corrosive forces, and bad actors – an imperfect storm. What needs to be changed?  The answer is, all of the above.