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Cheap Entertainment ... at your expense


One year ago I was on Mulberry Street in NYC’s Little Italy doing research for a book. I was stunned to find the Landmark Church San Genarro to be cast aside as a relic to the past and empty of believers. The adjacent wall outside the church featured a psychedelic mural by a young artist from L.A., Tristian Eaton, who is...

During Times of Great Turbulence

People will do anything to hold onto any force that they believe can stop the clock and make life the way it used to be. This is why Make America Great Again is one of the most impactful tag lines to rock the world. 

The Young, the Restless and the NEET

I was at a private fund-raising dinner, where I sat at next to the CEO of an early-stage technology company. The topic of of Seattle’s new light rail expansion came up. The new light rail line would provide rapid transportation between downtown Seattle and the wealthy neighborhood where the CEO lives. “The light rail will bring them close to my home,” he said.

The them he referred to are the people who he would never hire or sit next to at a dinner party because they are NEET.  There is more to this story than I can share at the moment, but I can comment on the NEETs who are them—the other—those who have been cast aside by the great economic divide that only favors people who come from privileged circumstances.