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The Energy Will Surface


Most people don’t know how I ended up on my path. Bear with me a moment and the relationship to this month's theme on energy will surface. At the time of this writing, my path is in transition, yet the focus has always remained the same. As a kid and teenager, two main things played a part in the unfolding of my path. First, I have always been an empathic person. Curious about others’ lived experiences, I listened and asked questions. Friends at the time told me I’m going to be a psychologist and that path just seemed to be chosen. The second twist was how I struggled growing up between the two very different worlds of American culture and East Indian culture. 

The stress of wanting to fit in and yet feeling and sensing I was different was a constant stressor in...

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Loss and Grief in the Workplace

Depending on your work environment, loss and your experience of grief may not be something you can easily discuss. In a recent book I wrote on this concept, it’s important for managers, supervisors, and colleagues to be aware how the experience of loss and the response of grief may affect employee behavior.  Oftentimes, it’s easy to blame erratic or inconsistent behaviors on character imperfections or principles. Yet, when we as humans lose...

Got Stress? Here’s a solution

Let’s collaborate and create that so you have less tension in the New Year and for the next big holiday!   The Stress Intelligence coaching program has launched.  I am super-excited about this project and know it will give some relief. There are multiple options. By exploring newsletter packages and the coaching program packages, you will be able to choose a program that fits your schedule and your needs.

The Stress...