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Ambition in Technology



Ambition in tech often quickly evolves into a maze.  Technology has a way of opening mysterious doors.  Those are doors one never expected to be there, much less to find, or to be the gateway to a world of new thought, commerce or opportunity.  Digital Strategy often requires ambitious pursuits.

Let’s look at one such case in point, Flickr. The story of how Flickr came to be is a perfect example of surprise, agility, and unanticipated consequences.  The developers were working on the beta test stage of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that had a photosharing tool they’d previously begun work on a few years before.  The tool turned out to be far more popular than the game, so the...

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Green Computing

Green Computing is a term used to describe the use of environmentally sustainable computers and accessories which, during their usage and disposal, create minimal or zero harm to the environment. Also known as Green IT, this technology aims to both increase energy efficiency and to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in hardware design.  A further result means that when these items are then disposed of or recycled, they will do no harm to...

Digital Destiny


Writers deal with editorial calendars, topics for articles, subjects for thought pieces. We try to plan ahead, storing paragraphs, sentences, resources, interviews; or an idea to follow up on or expand upon, thinking it might add that special something to make an article that much better.

With Destiny as the topic, numerous thoughts came to mind. We had a cat by that name, because it was destiny that she came into...

The Digital Strategies of High Fashion and Portable Devices

Digital Strategy creates a level playing field in high fashion.  This strategy is in marketing, protection against knock-offs, and maintaining brand integrity while reaching far more customers and end users.

Tech is the new fashion.  Or better put: technology is in vogue at design houses and the fashion world.  Technology and fashion are now merging into one and the same product and entity.  How so?  By fashion houses that have...


The New Yorker issue of July 5, 1993, carried a now-famous cartoon by Peter Steiner.  The cartoon and its caption, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” became famous enough to warrant its own Wikipedia Page.

In the early days of the Internet it was true: conversations (online chat, Usenets) took place on a level playing field. Not only...

A Digital Strategist’s Take on Ambition

Drive, determination and gumption are three of the basic ingredients necessary for success. Ambition inhabits all three of those qualities. We live in a time of ubiquitous connectivity, with the availability of communications networks of all sorts (social, business, special interest). Ambition can be realized, applying digital strategy.

Two examples come to mind: looking for a job and looking for a communications tool.