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How Will Americans Remember 2020?

How will Americans remember 2020? A new study from Bospar PR asked Americans* what they think people will call the 2020's. There were a wide variety of thoughts, including:

22.2% said The 2020s 10.1% said The Roaring ’20s 9.6% said The year of twenty questions 7.4% said The perfect vision decade 7.3% said The perfect vision decade 6.7% said The year of elections 31.6% said No one knows just yet 

What do Americans expect from the new year? 

32.3% think “bigger than before” since “2020 has a nice ring to it” 17.6% think “smaller” due to “concerns over economic slowdown” 43% think “same as last year” 7.1% think it will be “overshadowed by impeachment news”


Making Your Mark

In Making Your Mark – Through the Dark, an important question is posed. If P.R., marketing and branding experts have been humbled by the vagaries, snafus and traps of the Dark Web, then why do you think it works for you?

Tim Girvin | Designer Genes

GIRVIN’S HISTORY IS IN SCIENCE. Tim Girvin comes from a medical family and his own collegiate legacy was marine biology, comparative zoology, invertebrate physiology and botany. Tim studied dolphin intelligence in his first collegiate gig under colleagues of Dr. John Lilly.

GIRVIN has a wealth of experience designing within the science field. Tim and his teams have done everything from logos, visual corporate repackaging, and...

The Alchemy of Design Thinking

Tim Girvin is well known for being an award-winning American designer, but his talent takes many shapes and forms. Calligrapher, illustrator, writer, public speaker and photographer, these professional titles do little to capture the essence of a man who has become legendary.  Oft-considered to be a designer’s designer, other designers revere him to the extent that some imitate him—...