A Revolutionary Remembrance


Boston Tea Party is feted 243 years later


When it comes to food, Boston may be known as land of the bean and the cod, but a certain beverage also plays a major role in this city’s history.

In December of 1773, Colonial Patriots dressed as Native Americans and, in an act of treasonous protest against the King of England, dumped what they saw as overtaxed tea into Boston Harbor. Some say the Harbor has not recovered yet! Even so, the event was a pivotal precursor of the larger Revolution to come.

On December 16, 2016, the East India Company – the same company that produced and shipped the fateful tea all those years ago – will send another 220 pounds of (expired) tea to the New World for one of the...

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Wendy Gutterson supports life supporters

From Boston:  Helping Those Who Help

Wendy Gutterson supports life supporters

Wendy Gutterson has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. Armed with a graduate degree in health care administration from Simmons College and a burning desire to support those who save lives and serve their communities every day, Gutterson worked for such major New England medical...

Get Your Workout at the Diner

Boston landmark is now part of Pokemon world

For decades, the South Street Diner ( has been a staple on the Boston food scene. As the only 24-hour eatery in the downtown area (Ed note: Sad but true!), it offers traditional diner fare (e.g., corned beef hash, omelets, pancakes, etc.) as well as a surprisingly diverse and always delicious menu that includes their famed Chocolate Fantasy French Toast, a

It Takes Two

Wild world of fashion takes teamwork and tenacity

By Matt Robinson

Though they may not yet have the name recognition of their fellow twin fashion icons - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Boston’s Ashley and Katie Hess are coming on strong with their curated fashion blog called The Party of Two. EMBED (

By combining their brains and...

He Does Windows!

From Boston

Tim Lemp contributes to Boston’s fashion scene via Visual Merchandising.

 By Alison Harris

Boston used to be the kind of city where fashion wasn’t quite as popular as intellect or sports, but today’s Boston offers everything from global chic to lesser known cutting-edge designers. One person on the Boston fashion scene, Tim Lemp,...

Home is Filled with Heart and Art

Badot and Johnson Family, Somerville, MA

In 1993 Jennifer Badot saw soaring rents in Somerville, a trendy city bordering Boston: “From the moment I learned I was pregnant, I felt a strong urge (ok, obsession) to own a home -- a place where we could raise children without having to worry about moving, rising rents and negligent landlords. Money was tight, so we bought a 2-family for the rental unit to...