Sexual Violence in America


The State of Sexual Violence in America - One Woman's Story. Anna Faktorovich writes about her own experiences with sexual assault within the larger context of what is taking place in the national landscape.

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Tiny Fashion Business Explodes with BIG Personality and Social Media

One thing you can’t miss about Monroe’s House of Marvels fashion microbusiness: the owners have BIG personalities. It shows in their funky fashion products, from vintage pinup headbands and pet bowties to tulle tutus and handkerchief baby bibs. Partners Amber Harm and Mallory Cornelius attribute their fast success to a combination of big personality and diligent social media posting.

The company began with the women’s love of...

NadezhdaPopova: Rising To Her Times

Nadezhda Popova was a true heroine of the Soviet Union – a real-life Luke Skywalker who flew biplanes with canvas wings over enemy territory to drop bombs on the advancing German Army.

She was from Donetsk – that embattled part of eastern Ukraine that is mostly Russian-speaking today and was firmly a part of Stalin’s empire. In Russian, her name was “Nadia.” And, by all accounts, she was all woman.

The women of the...