Cop-per Bullets


When cop-per bullets desecrate young, black flesh
The oppressed, then address, whose son will be next?
Bullets to the blue sky; there’s a mob filled with threats,
For the sobbing, young mother in her cop-robbed nest

Police keep their dogs on a leash, but who’s the real beast?
When children get murdered for being Black in the streets
“Suspicious” characters get courted, then asked for I.D.
But is this a struggle with the law or a Black identity?

Only two days from the date; different body, same slate
Different time, different place, but still the same race,
August 11th marked the Watts, never far from our thoughts
Rodney King to Mike Brown, Young Blacks brought down

Fruitvale was Oscar Grant and N-Y was Sean Bell,
Florida was Trayvon – and though not a cop, you couldn’t tell –
Zimmerman anything. because “they all get away”
And whether or not the crime is real, they’re all here to pay,

Bigotry begets slaughter, and unpunished sins lead to riots,
When questions go unanswered, raised fists replace the silence
Shall it be Malcolm’s “By any means” or Martin’s “Non-violence?”
So unattached from this country, we feel like a floating island…

Unattached to the mainland; floating in a state of disarray
Never questioning for a moment whether we’ll see it another day,
When no one’s there to listen, the people will find another way
After all, we have no choice; we might just die tomorrow on our way…

Brittany “Bella” Graham is the CEO of Miss Bella Graham Consulting™, and a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based creative marketing consultant/writer with several years of experience in the beauty, fashion, nightlife, culture, food, lifestyle, hospitality and travel industries.



Brittany Graham

Brittany “Bella” Graham is the CEO of Miss Bella Graham Consulting™, and a Beverly Hills based creative director, marketing consultant, poet and writer with several years of experience in the Beauty, Fashion, Nightlife, Lifestyle, Food and Travel industries.​ 

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