From Rhode Island: Wingerz

From Rhode Island

Wingerz Keeps Your Fingers Free From Being Finger-licking Good!

Rhode Island residents Michael and Michelle Lefrancois, founders of Wingerz, are changing the tailgating game for a good cause. Think of all of those ribs and buffalo chicken wings that you eat on the back of your car!

Along come Wingerz to save you from greasy fingers! Wingerz are disposable finger covers (thumb, index and middle) made of 100% FDA approved material that help prevent sticky sauces, greases and messes from mucking up manicures, stinging paper cuts and much more.

Michael and Michelle founded Wingerz in memory of their son, Michael, who passed away at four months old from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is the leading genetic cause of death for infants. According to Michael and Michelle Lefrancois, Seeing what Michael endured during his fight with SMA taught us to really appreciate life and not to take anything for granted. Michael taught us to live and go after what we want in life.

Wingerz are easy to use, can be used multiple times in one sitting, and are Green Business Certified for their efforts to cut down on paper waste from excess use of napkins. You can see them in action on The Today Show here at ~3:30. 

One of the goals of Wingerz is to help raise awareness and funds for the SMA in honor of Michael and Michelle Lefrancois’ infant son Michael.




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