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The first rule of law for visionaries can be stated succinctly: Visionaries are the first to spot a problem and see exactly what needs to be done. As creative and innovative thinkers, visionaries buck against the status quo to break new ground by offering detailed, logical, and well-thought-out solutions that can be pragmatically implemented.

The hue and cry of the visionary tends to upset the powers-that-be. Any time radical change is about to occur, it means the powers-that-be will lose money. The most pressing problem of our time is climate change. The radical change that is occurring, as we speak, includes the many ways our visionaries are setting forth solutions to climate change. Getting the powers-that-be to adopt pragmatic solutions might seem to be a herculean challenge, but the radical change looming ahead is inevitable.

In this issue of The Connector, Dr. Peter Corning writes about how the impact climate change is having on our commercial food crops imperils our survival. Climate change threatens our food supply on a global scale. Threats include the fragility of our commercial food crops; loss of topsoil; destructive droughts, storms and wildfires; the steep decline of most of the world’s fisheries; the serious water deficit that includes water scarcity, a declining water table, and serious depletion of the world’s largest aquifers. 

In his article How to Feed the World in the Age of Climate Change, Dr. Corning features the accomplishments of John Jeavons, who has spent his life mentoring people to learn biointensive farming. As a true visionary, Corning proposes adapting and strengthening our industrial farming system and implementing a massive global effort to expand the number of small biointensive farms. The biointensive farming system could feed the entire world, including especially the estimated 1 billion people who are currently malnourished.                                                      

Patricia Vaccarino


Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino has over 30 years' expertise working with a wide range of national and international clients, in all areas of public relations. As an accomplished writer, Ms. Vaccarino has written award-winning film scripts, press materials, articles, essays, speeches, web content, marketing collateral, and eight books.

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