The End of One of the Biggest Illusions

Every day, the public attention is attracted by headline news of events in various hot spots around the world, while some substantial processes that might turn the world into a completely unrecognizable place are going unattended. One of those substantial processes is the gradual open admission by both the audience and the performers about the supernatural nature of some popular entertainment shows. This has nurtured an unprecedented psychological tolerance in the public life towards the supernatural reality without a clear religious background, which has led to the practical ending of the need to claim those supernatural shows to be solely illusions as has always been done throughout the history. After a few decades’ quiet development, it has become an irreversible course which will astound the world when the majority of the public finally notices its irrevocable consequence in the coming years, months, or even days.

It might remind us of some unauthentic scientific practices with a goal to expose either natural causes or human dishonest acts behind some reported special human abilities in the past. During those investigations, when nothing wrong was discovered about those subjects and no convincing scientific explanation could be offered either, scientists would tend to label those subjects as savants, meaning they were good at something but not good with their general intellectual quality.

But this time, because of many historical, practical, and cultural reasons, there seems no place for scientists to be involved to say anything about the current development. The only thing they can do now is to either quietly watch the supernatural performances and give some claps, or make a feeble claim that nothing in those performances is supernatural but all is natural, without any solid proof to support their claim.

Owing to the technological advances created by scientists themselves, undeniable evidences have spread all over the world through either real time broadcast or recorded videos posted online that it is absolutely impossible for some of those performances to be carried out by natural means. Thus, unlike in any similar circumstances in history, no government cover-up would work this time. It is just too late for the governments of the world to wake up now to do anything about this even if they intend to do something, after the whole has got into the strong shape through decades’ quiet development, while everyone’s attention being attracted by the exciting news of those hot spots around the world.

Now it seems that the world is awaiting the last kick by the scientific community to come out to openly admit that sometimes humans do have the chance to alter the physical reality through supernatural acts. But it will be very hard for them to do so. The biggest challenge here is not to admit that supernatural is real, but to admit that supernatural effect could be created through apparently casual acts in a predictable fashion, without praying and religious rites.

The consequence of an open and official admission of the supernatural reality (not in any conventional religious sense), by either the world governments or the scientific community, would be very different from an official admission of the existence of Flying Saucers or even aliens. The latter would just add another big and exciting headline entry, but the former could shake the scientific foundation which has become the foundation of whole civilization during the past several centuries.

Nonetheless, the change is here, it is already irrevocable, no matter scientists like or not. There are two alternative ways out for this development: 1) the scientific community represents the world governments, or world governments represent the scientific community, to announce openly that supernaturally bent actions is one type of human ways of living; 2) the scientific community and the world governments keep silence on this development, but the world majority would practically accept the notion of supernatural reality in their everyday work and life, including scientific researches, and thus there would be no need for anyone to officially say anything on this at all.

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Rongqing Dai, Ph.D.

Rongqing Dai is an author who comes from a science and engineering background with a Ph.D. from McGill University. For the past decade, I have been devoted to philosophically bent fiction and nonfiction writing to explore the dynamic logic behind the cultural, economic, and political happenings around the world. Currently I am in the transition from my science and engineering background to the philosophically bent literature writing career.

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