Vyshyvanka Day Fundraiser for Ukraine

Honor the International Vyshyvanka Day and Rise with Ukraine!

Central Park Angels Inc. D/B/A You Are The Angel is honored to announce a special multi-state fundraiser Compassion with Fashion: Rise with Ukraine, which will be held on May 19, 2022 in NY, WA, CA and AZ. The proceeds from this fundraiser will directly benefit the people of Ukraine.

Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday dedicated to preserving and celebrating the ancient custom of crafting and wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes called “vyshyvanka” – typically, shirts, blouses, and dresses, decorated with gorgeous, colorful embroidery. Central Park Angels was able to retrieve a stock of artful vyshyvankas from Ukraine, which has become a unique treasure, because the artisans who made them can no longer produce them, as they switched to sewing military uniforms for the armed forces.

Participating cities and venues:
New York, NY - SPACE54
Seattle, WA - Great Hall at Green Lake
Scottsdale, AZ - Imperial Ballroom Dance Studio
Fremont, CA - Kot da Vinci Learning Center

About Central Park Angels: A New York-based non-profit organization Central Part Angels, Inc. was founded in 2017 to provide relief to people affected by disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti. Since February 2022 the organization has been focusing its humanitarian efforts exclusively on Ukraine. It has put together an emergency response team, Warsaw Front, which facilitates the transportation, placement and basic medical care for refugees in Poland. The organization has also assembled a group of over 200 volunteers who are working around the clock in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania and the U.S. to provide shelter, food, basic medical supplies and psychosocial support to both the refugees fleeing Ukraine for safety and those who are unable to leave the country and are surviving the daily deprivation and brutality of war.

Central Park Angels is a volunteer-led organization that has no administrative costs, which allows for
100% of donations and event proceeds to be spent on providing relief to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Website: Central Park Angels, Inc (youaretheangel.org)
Facebook: facebook.com/cpmpangels
Contact: Olga Szwed, info@youaretheangel.org, 425-241-5151

Central Park Angels is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.


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