Jeanne Brutman Bakes Cookies by the Numbers

Jeanne Brutman is an independent financial fee-based planner for businesses business owners and individuals.  She is also a master baker of chocolate chip cookies. In any given month, she makes thousands of cookies which she delivers to clients by mail or in person.  It’s her way of helping her clients navigate through the labyrinth of how changes in the tax code and legal code impact insurance, investments, and financial planning. There is another reason why she is a champion chocolate chip cookie maker, but first let’s look at the numbers.

Jeanne’s focus is always on what her clients want to accomplish.  She watches carefully to see if the number of dollars her clients are actually spending is consistent with their goals.  Jeanne’s  focus is the whole picture, not just about investments and insurance, but includes real estate, estate planning, and sometimes family planning.  She recently counseled one family who was trying to have a baby and helped them to see that the money they needed to have to invest in fertility treatment had to take precedence over other investments, including buying a larger home. 

Jeanne’s core emphasis is looking at a person’s entire life: Goals, dreams, the full bucket list.  She seeks ways to help business owners because they are the engine of the economy.  In Jeanne’s words, “Small business owners take on more responsibility.  They work longer hours.  They take less pay. Small businesses keep this country moving.

As an advocate for business owners, Jeanne stays on top of what is changing in the latest regulations and laws.  She also tracks financial products so her clients can take best advantage of them. Through her many years of experience, Jeanne has acquired what she defines as the interfluent skills necessary to help individuals and business owners make breakthroughs in the areas that are most confusing:  discretionary benefits, employee benefit plans, retirement plans and planning, workers compensation, estate analysis and tax strategies, business continuation and succession planning, long term investing strategies, employee retention, life, disability, long term care and group health insurance policies. Jeanne works with a team of a dozen highly trained professionals in these inter-related fields so her clients can get the best possible expertise, advice and service. 

As for the cookies… The funny thing about the cookies is Jeanne doesn’t eat them, she just bakes them.  It’s her way of saying “thank you” to her clients.  She puts the time in to making cookies because she is aware that her clients have given her their time, and she considers time to be the most valuable asset of all.  Giving cookies to her customers is her way of saying thank you for giving me your time.  She just wants people to eat freshly baked cookies because it makes them happy.  


Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino is an accomplished writer who has written award-winning film scripts, press materials, articles, essays, speeches, web content, marketing collateral, and eight books.

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