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By Tom Blaschko

Our Faces of Combat program is a big part of Pine Winds Connections these days. In it we help those who are serving and who have served in the United States military.

Many Americans have trouble imagining the devastation caused by PTSD in the men and women returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But it is all too real for those who served and for their families. In Erik Newhouse’s book, Faces of Combat, veterans discuss their uncontrollable rage, alcoholism, nightmares, flashbacks, divorce, joblessness, and homelessness.

Here’s the story that started it all:

“If many of the Faces of Combat look tormented, it’s because they came home laden with guilt and shame. Montanans recognized that for the first time after March 4, 2007, when one combat vet put a .22 against his head, muffled it with a comforter and ended his life as quietly as a book drops. He had PTSD and didn’t get the help he needed.”

We want to change this story. In our effort to do so, we have created the Faces of Combat program. It is dedicated to reducing the number of suicides by America’s veterans. To date, we have given over 2,000 books to veterans and veteran organizations. Our website (FacesofCombat.us) offers over 200 free resources. Our Facebook page (Faces of Combat) is filled with news updates. We constantly network with other organizations, both civilian and veteran, so that we can better serve this nation’s veterans and their families. Soon we hope to add free healing classes and retreats as we ramp up our fundraising efforts.

Pine Winds Connections is a non-profit corporation created to promote positive, healthy connections that contribute to a more beautiful, united planet. We use educational materials, programs, and seminars to provide training for individuals, organizations, and communities. We show them how to assist themselves in dealing with their issues, find healthy ways to connect with one another, and heal past hurts.

Tom Blaschko is Owner, Idyll Arbor and has been Publishing books for the health care community and books about the life force for over 32 years.


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