Holiday Entertaining Made Fun and Easy

Is the whole family coming over for the holidays? Or perhaps you'd like to share some festive cheer with your neighbors? Now's the time to start planning. Here are some helpful tips to make your holiday fun, easy and relaxing!!

Stock Your Pantry
Get ready for hosting with a well-stocked pantry and freezer. Must-haves include quick, no-cook appetizers; basic baking ingredients; spices and marinades; and frozen puff pastry, pie and cookie dough. 

Pre-Plan and Prep Cook  
Come up with a few go-to holiday menu plans and try to prep cook many of the elements in advance. This will prevent you from spending the day slaving over a hot stove and allow you to enjoy your guests. Is your oven space large enough for the quantity of food you'll be preparing? 

Set the Mood 
Keep decorative accessories handy during this season of entertaining. A vase with fresh-cut autumn flowers and candles in frosted glass votives add a festive touch.

Find a Place for Everyone   
Do you have enough space at the dinner table? Do you need extra chairs or place settings? 

Ready the Guest Room 
If your houseguests are staying overnight, make sure they have everything they need to enjoy their stay. Set out extra towels, toiletries and bed linens, as well as maps and guidebooks for the area.

Let's Have Fun 
Have a variety of board games, books, playing cards and movies ready for those times when your guests need to entertain themselves. If you're hosting young ones, have a few safe toys on hand. 

A little extra planning can go a long way to ensure that your holidays are a memorable and relaxing way to enjoy family and friends!


George Beasley

George Beasley is a Seattle area Real Estate Broker and leader of The George Beasley Group. With a focus on a high quality presentation of homes, George Beasley has forged a brand name that exudes excellence.

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