Happiness and the Law? Really?

Can anyone’s initial encounter with our civil justice system possibly originate from a wellspring of happiness?  Or is it more like a collision born of grievance, delivered or received?  After thirty-five years of law practice, the only happy litigants that I’ve encountered can reliably be identified as insane.  Including the lawyers?  Sometimes.

Interview with Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro, Aboriginal Memoirists

Rhonda Collard-Spratt is a voice for the mission children of Australia’s Stolen Generations. Rhonda is an engaging performer, an Aboriginal dancer, singer-songwriter, poet, artist, and storyteller. She has worked in women’s prisons around suicide prevention, helping them reconnect with their Aboriginality. Jacki Ferro is a community development worker, writer and editor based in Brisbane. Since the 1990s, Jacki has run cross-cultural, unifying projects that promote self-determination, community education and social justice. As Community Relations Officer at Ipswich in 2000, Jacki instigated the Link Up! Multicultural Festival and the first Sorry Day March. Qualified in public relations, social planning, and writing, editing and publishing, in 2013 Jacki began co-writing and editing memoirs of inspirational, brave people.

Digital Strategy for Happiness

We live in a time when information abounds, a moment away courtesy of the ability to open a phone or tablet and look something up at a moment’s notice. With voice commands you can even do this while driving. You can also ask Amazon Echo or Alexa or Google Home to look something up while you go about your business at home. But is that what makes for happiness and joy, or is it just satisfaction?  And when a generation is accustomed to these tools, will it become purely expectation, and thus, nothing special at all?

Finding Euphoria: What Makes You Happy?

American backroads travelers often spend inordinate amounts of time looking for off-the-beaten-path treasures in old-time diners, vintage service stations, kitschy theme parks, and mom-and-pop gift shops. They simply search for what makes them happy.

"The Enemy Within"

The idea of an “enemy within” is so gut-grabbing and scare-mongering that it has been used many times for book titles. The title has been used for an entire haunted house full of closet enemies. I would like to nominate yet another candidate for this menagerie of enemies.  It involves a mortal threat to our democracy. It is the combined result of a confluence of corrosive forces, and bad actors – an imperfect storm. What needs to be changed?  The answer is, all of the above.  


What the Republican Tax Package Means

The deep purpose of the current (Fall 2017) tax package, poorly disguised behind a smoke-screen of bald-faced lies, is to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor -- and the middle-class, and future generations.  Those of us who already benefit the most from our society will pay less taxes (in some cases billions of dollars less), while taking benefits away from the rest of us.

T’was the Night Before Christmas and Not Santa but the Midwife Delivers the Present

T’was the night before Christmas in the rural countryside outside of Powell, Wyoming, located near picturesque Montana and Yellow Stone Park. Two young sisters Emerald, age 4, and Beverly, age 20 months, were asleep downstairs, in a room furnished just for them in their two- story home, while their dad, Nate, and pregnant mom, Brittany, were upstairs also asleep. In the living room was a Christmas tree wonderfully decorated, its branches sheltering the presents that Santa Claus had brought the two young girls.

The Evolution of “Zoon Politikon” (The Political Animal)

Aristotle, it seems, got it right.  Politics may have played a key role in human evolution as the classic primate pattern of male dominance hierarchies shifted to a pattern of consensual leadership for common goals and collective action.