Channeling Nelson Mandela

How far can our great institutions, whether courts of law, public libraries or even universities go to preserve the values and freedoms most of us have enjoyed? If the three branches of government were designed to provide a system of checks and balances on power, then where are we on the spectrum right now? How much worse will it get before course corrections begin? 

Income Loss Due to Actions of Civil Authority

Roger Hillman writes about business disruption due to terrorism, peaceful public demonstrations, “Acts of God,” riots, and even ordinary road closures.

Coverage for income loss, also referred to as business interruption, is commonly found in Commercial Property and Business Owners’ policies.  This provides coverage for loss of income as a result of the insured’s suspension of operations.  The most frequent triggering event for such coverage is physical damage to the business premises necessitating a closure for repair, rebuilding, or even relocation. 

       However, a unique aspect of business interruption coverage is income loss due to actions of civil authority.  Such actions include something as minor as a road closure for repairs or as significant as an act of terrorism.  In order to invoke such coverage, the prevention or interruption of access to the insured premises, absent physical damage to the insured premises itself, must be the result of physical loss or damage to property away from the insured property as a result of an insured peril. 

Jumping Around with Jeffrey Gurian

Jumping Around with Jeffrey Gurian: Nikki Glaser, Jeffrey Ross, Shawn Wayans & Chaunté Wayans

Postpone elections or brave the blizzard?

Last month in the Connector we examined the feasibility of voter fraud in New Hampshire that had been alleged by President Trump. Here is our follow-up report. Photo credit: two cold gulls on Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Ancient Animal Rights Tale Gets a Human Menagerie

Two Rabbis, a Kentucky Sufi, a Christian editor, a Muslim artist, a Saudi Arabian princess.

Two American Rabbis translated and adapted an ancient Iraqi tale into what is believed to be the first English adaptation---The Animals’ Lawsuit Against Humanity.  Rabbi Dan Bridge and Rabbi Anson Laytner put more action into the story, jazzed up the ending, and personified both the animals and the humans. The book...

Masquerading as Manly

Beware of pasty-white, soft-handed men who masquerade as manly.

Jumping Around: Cheech Marin, Sal Vulcano & Corinne Fisher


David Suarez has a cool show at Sidewalk Cafe on Sunday nights where he doesn’t allow the comics to do any material they’ve ever done before. The night I...

New Joke Night!


Jerrod Carmichael’s HBO Special

I had a big disappointment this week. After I did my article about my unusual experience at the HBO taping of...