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Notes from the Road: My Big Stump

A big windstorm blew a massive tree trunk onto the beach. Looks like the stump of a redwood to me. After a good rain falls, the tree’s wet wood takes on the reddish glow of a slow flame. When the full sun appears in a dry blue sky, the wood turns grey and withers, throwing off splinters like wiry strands in an old man’s beard. In case you didn’t know, I’m standing with sand in my shoes on the windswept Oregon coast.

Florida Climate Change and its impact on families living in Poverty

The devastating impacts of climate change are already visible across the landscape of the United States, and our most vulnerable communities, including individuals and families living in poverty and experiencing homelessness, are being unfairly impacted and hurt the most.

San Francisco - The Disappearing Fog

What I hear from people who grew up in San Francisco is that the famous San Francisco fog has gradually disappeared. 

Estes Park, Colorado: There were no words for melting glaciers

We used to have snowstorms that closed our canyons downs. There are three canyons that come up into Estes. We don’t get the snows that close the canyons as much anymore. It’s not like it was during the 1970s and 80s. Also, you could set your watch at 2pm, when we’d get thunderstorms that dumped rain for twenty minutes and drove people out of the park. That made the vendors happy. It doesn’t do that much anymore, and it used to be a daily thing.

Connecticut- Living Through ‘The End of Nature’ By David Gregorio

Climate change came on my personal radar in 1989 when I was a science/lifestyle writer at a newspaper in Connecticut and I interviewed Bill McKibbon about his book “The End of Nature.” He explained the significance of a NASA scientist’s recent congressional testimony about the buildup of greenhouse gases in Earth’s climate and the need to wean society from fossil fuels within decades to avert catastrophes like super hurricanes, severe droughts and rising sea levels. Scary stuff, but it seemed so far off.  Surely things would work out...