Dance Plays a Vital Role in Health

Engaging in physical activities that include dance will enhance your life with an amazing array of health benefits. Dance has been part of human culture for as long as we have recorded history, and even beyond. Archeological evidence points to the important role dance played in ritual, communication and celebration dating back to the Neolithic Era in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Dominican-born artist Rose Deler Reframes her Outlook

In New York City's Jumel Terrace Historic District, Dominican-born artist Rose Deler reframes her outlook. Deler says that it’s that feeling of connection and looking out for one another that provides the neighborhood with peace of mind. 

Country Girl by Edna O’Brien – Ireland Forever

When Irish Author Edna O’Brien wrote her memoir Country Girl, some feared it might be a “kiss and tell” probing of the unbridled passions and secrets of the rich, the powerful and the celebrated. Her anecdotes about the famous reveal little about them and tell us much more about Edna O’Brien.

Laura Coates author of Just Pursuit seeks a fair legal system for Blacks

Laura Coates, author of Just Pursuits, touches the heart as few other writers can. Her stories are not filled with anger or pity but with empathy for those caught in the legal-system web, both as victims and perpetrators.

Peace in our Time

This is not the Ukraine, 2022. This is again Czechoslovakia,1968. It is a seminal year for all events: social, cultural and political, worldwide. The world is watching… hoping and holding its breath, for the outcome to be revealed. Can this ragtag group of dreamers overcome the odds—will support come from people and governments around the globe?

Time Marches On

As time marches on, there is only one hard truth: the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Mr. Bojangles

Watching and listening to a re-showing of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 50th Anniversary performance, the words from their closing number Mr. Bojangles resonated with me.  

PR for People The Connector February 2022

From Wipe Out by the Surfaris to the Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, the February magazine celebrates Arts & Entertainment.