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Girvin on Risk

The Leap, the Jump to Risk

There is a path of the straight and narrow. 

And there is a path of an unexpected roadway. You can take either, depending on your expectation of outcome. 

There is an easy way, and there is another, that breaks the normal causeway to something more adventuresome. And while one path — the easier route — might be more...

J O Y  F U L L N E S S

Finding joy in aligning symbology with the poetry of experience, 

memory and storytelling, meaning and discovery. 

There is something metaphorically symbolic about the wave.  

In the waves — 

the big ones, the farther out set, 

 what I call the third tier of rollers — 

I find unbridled...

The Strategy of *Experientiality —  Holistic Experience Design  for Restaurants

During the 1990-early 2000s, I spent time working with the Disney Imagineers and Park Strategists at Disney — designing experiences, brands and their integrated strategies in Orlando and Anaheim. During that time, we also worked with Steve and Elaine Wynn on Bellagio and their teams and properties. 

What that range of experience taught me is that a restaurant visionary will need to have a clear visioning about the offer — what...

Startup Brand Lessons from Steve Jobs, the Wachowski Brothers and Stan Lee

By Tim Girvin — with Social Media commentaries and recommendations by Fletcher Helle

When there is a lesson to be learned, listening makes for the best course of cumulative action. Learn and listen, listen and learn. Watch how it grows. In my history, it’s the leaning-in to experiences on the trail of wisdom and great brand strategies that has taught me the most. And to lean-in is to list, as in —tilting-in to hear better the...

Tim Girvin | Designer Genes

GIRVIN’S HISTORY IS IN SCIENCE. Tim Girvin comes from a medical family and his own collegiate legacy was marine biology, comparative zoology, invertebrate physiology and botany. Tim studied dolphin intelligence in his first collegiate gig under colleagues of Dr. John Lilly.

GIRVIN has a wealth of experience designing within the science field. Tim and his teams have done everything from logos, visual corporate repackaging, and...