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In the Persian Tradition All that Glitters is Truly Gold

As Owner and Creative Director of Shirin Chic Design, Shirin Barekatein is the only designer in the Northwest area who brings gilded beauty to the table, where her every design is steeped in the opulence of the Persian tradition.

Entertainment Spotlight on Lucas Morais

Entertainer, artist, DJ, producer and dancer.

Shoe Crazy - Five Faves for Winter

I’ve been working with shoes since I was 20 years old and I know quality and fine detailing. For this winter, I love the latest styles, designs and colors. I feel especially good when I can personally recommend a pair of shoes or boots that I’m wearing and loving them too! It’s one thing to sell someone a pair of shoes and quite another to recommend shoes that looks and feel so good that I actually own a pair myself. Here are my top five...

The Birth of Bronx Fashion Week: Flora Montes Hit the Ground Running

Thanks to Flora Montes, The Bronx has its own biannual Fashion Week, which coincides with New York Fashion Week. Although the Bronx native doesn’t have a background in fashion, as a 15-year marketing veteran and executive chef, she had the necessary skills to get the borough’s Fashion Week off the ground last year.  “Bronx Fashion Week was born from an idea I had after going to a fashion show in Manhattan,” she told me recently. “When I...

The Essentials: Crossbody Handbags

Summer has arrived! Assuming you’ve done your share of spring cleaning, and with this being our fashion issue, you now deserve to enjoy a small, fashionable treat. Before you begin to peruse your favorite shop for the latest offerings when it comes to your wardrobe, consider adding a crossbody handbag to enhance your style.