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Healthcare and Retirement Planning; an Interview with Peter Stahl


By Michael Fliegelman, CLU, ChFC, AEP, RFC

Mr. Peter Stahl is author of the book called Top of the First – the Convergence of Healthcare and Financial Planning. Healthcare and financial planning is interesting subject matter as more and more people are approaching retirement

I recently met Peter Stahl at an event and he provided to me some great food for thought. The topic of...

Working Beyond Retirement

Retirement is a relatively new concept.  In olden days (pre WWII), people worked until they could no longer do their jobs.  Even the concept of retirement has fostered an epidemic foisted on us by (well meaning?) people to either provide for citizens in decline or to make room for the next generation.  And, it can mean a number of things.  People retire and then find that they need more to keep them busy and involved than golf and bagels...

Adventures in Retirement

Adventures in Retirement:

Mike and Chris Scott, owners of the Staveleigh House B&B 

Mike and Chris Scott stood at the doorway of Staveleigh House, a charming B&B in historic Sheffield, Mass., beaming a warm welcome our way. You would think they had been innkeepers for decades, providing comfortable lodging and home-cooked breakfasts for travelers like...