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Pocono Mountain Public Library – Where God kisses the mountains

This month, Patricia Vaccarino writes about the Pocono Mountain Public Library in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. 


A View from Behind the Pharmacy Counter

“Who needs drugs? Well, at any given stage in life, we all do,” says Darren Strain, a northwestern Pennsylvania pharmacist for a large drug-store chain. “I believe the quality and length of life have both been increased, because of drugs.”

As a pharmacist, Darren sees a wide range of customers who interact with drugs in dramatically different ways. There are those who agree with his assessment of the value of drugs and use them...

Yoga: Rx for Mind, Body, and Soul


Some folks slow down when they retire. Others pursue a passion, like Susan Black did, a former Gannon University vice-president who retired in 2009. Instead of putting her feet up, Susan went back to school, yoga school that is.

Susan had been practicing yoga since 1970, when her mother started exploring the discipline. A college cheerleader at the time, Susan liked the flexibility...