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In Praise of Go(o)d~Women

From Medford, New Jersey

By Cindy Weinstein

Tanesha stood before me in prayer mode, palm heels at my chest, fingertips gently brushing my throat. Moments drifted with my eyes shut, sensing other women encircling my space, gently grounding each shoulder. Eventually, my wet eyes opened and met Tanesha’s smiling reflection. And then bewildered, I saw only Tanesha standing alone, supporting my upper frame...

Action- (SEEN) One

Six years old, and placed at the end of a chorus line. I floundered, moved along clumsily, barely recalling the routine established through weeks of rehearsal. I loved to dance (and still do). But it wouldn’t have been detectable then, when I didn’t "own" the dance. My essence lay dormant, divorced from my body, hapless in relation to my young troupe.

Generally, an introverted “daydreamer,” I "closeted" my experimentations,...

Medford, New Jersey – A Picture-Perfect Life

Amidst a lush pineland forest, there exists a Victorian village and a deluge of suburban cul-de-sacs. Swaths of evergreens, tall and spindly, release their needles upon sandy soil. Natural beauty beckons you. Lured by a richly preserved history, refreshed by abundant lake-front communities, amused by young, contented parents returning to familiar surroundings of their youth, and welcomed by the friendly banter of downtown villagers, I found...