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A Digital Strategist’s Take on Ambition

Drive, determination and gumption are three of the basic ingredients necessary for success. Ambition inhabits all three of those qualities. We live in a time of ubiquitous connectivity, with the availability of communications networks of all sorts (social, business, special interest). Ambition can be realized, applying digital strategy.

Two examples come to mind: looking for a job and looking for a communications tool.


Nebraska VentureTech Startup Approach Guarantees Success

“Ambition,” said Joseph Knecht, CEO and founder of VentureTech, “is not a standalone feeling.”

He’s talking about the fact that small startup companies often have one big limiting problem: they operate in a vacuum. According to Knecht, the answer is to surround oneself with passionate experts and reach out to potential customers before a product is developed to ensure it is something they’ll buy, even pre-selling it to guarantee...