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Just Because We Can, Does It Mean We Should?

As 2018 winds down, we are exhausted by the moral and political chaos represented by the current administration.

Digital Destiny: Evolution, Innovation, or Consequence of Experience?

When an item of software or hardware comes to fruition, is it destiny that subsequent offshoots or add-on products emerge? The telephone existed for quite some time, but at some point, along came the answering service. Then came the answering machine. Now there’s voice mail. Was that destiny? Or was that opportunity, being seized by adventurous and creative minds?

The Bird that Ate Search Engine Optimization

On September 26, Google announced its Hummingbird update, living up to the irony of their update naming convention, as this is no pint-sized change. With Hummingbird, Google moved even further from a link-based model of relevance-ranking to the user-experience model of relevance that started with the...