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“80 percent of success is showing up” is the famous phrase attributed to Woody Allen. Here are two of my best.


There is an iconic photo of Owen DeLong, my dear friend Jane’s ex- late-husband, that encapsulated the era – Owen, in the fullness of his young adulthood, suspended in midair, part-way between a diving board and the water, with a long-stemmed rose in his teeth and no safety net. That was all of us  -  beautiful, indestructible, frozen in time, wild with anticipation of the next amazing adventure.

Meals on Wheels

At the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020, Susan R. told me that front-line workers, which could include deliverers of Meals On Wheels, would get moved to the head of the queue for getting vaccinated against Covid. I thought this was an excellent quid pro quo because, as an older person, I was in greater danger from the effects of Covid than other sub-sets of the population, and the sooner I could get vaccinated, the better.


“We’re going to the horse show; want to come along?” This, from Linda, the stable trainer/manager. “It’s cross-country, and you said you’ve always wanted to do it,” she added, coaxingly. “But I’m 74, Linda, aren’t I too old?” “If you can do it, you’re not too old!” she sensibly answered, so I signed up. 

I didn’t own a horse, but there was a little mustang in the barn named Knight I thought could do the job.  We trucked over that...

Who Will Bell the Cat?

“Who is going to stop Howard?” our neighbors moaned.  Howard, a long-term resident in our NYC co-op, had a slick way of – as a Board member – slipping in building legislation that invariably managed to benefit – amazingly – Howard. The most recent outrage: Howard obtained and voted, for the second year in a row, a proxy for apartment 334, nullifying the vote of the soon-to-be new owner, a dear friend of the...



“Come back here!” I growled. “I have a burning question to ask you.” This, to my mother, dead since 2008.

My partner Walter, a physician, gave me a DNA kit to complete and send in; I expected no surprises. My father’s parents fled from a Polish shtetl before the Holocaust. My mother was a German Jew, eighth generation in the U.S., with family portraits of Altmanns, Oettingers and Ullmanns to attest to her lineage....

Behind the Scenes In Human Resources

Behind the Scenes In Human Resources: Five Strategies to Bring In the Best Talent

Tony Pratofiorito, Managing Director of Human Resources at an international investment bank, shared a few lesser-known ways of sifting through the applicant pooland insuring that a company brings in the best possible talent for a given opening.

Read a resume backwards to understand where...

Good Works from The HOPE Program

You might think that someone without a high school diploma, with a history of substance abuse and a prison record would never be able to find employment, but you would be wrong, thanks to an amazing program that works with the most challenging population imaginable – and succeeds.

This is The HOPE Program, based in Brooklyn, New York, staffed with dedicated professionals who mold men and women from the lowest socio-economic...

Wellesley 1961, A Reflection

102 women stood in the dorm library, members of the class of 1961 who chose to attend their 55th reunion.  It’s a self-select group, those that felt they had done well enough and looked good enough to attend, and who didn’t have personal or family issues to keep them away. June is the month when colleges across America welcome back their alumni, an exercise in nostalgia for the attendees and an unparalleled opportunity to fund-...

Marion Ceruzzi Does Good Work!

by Sally Haver

After working for 3+ decades as an executive at international pharmaceutical companies, Marion Ceruzzi left to do what she really loves – Good Works. When asked what that entails, she gave a little “Aw shucks” chuckle before launching into a description of past and present volunteer activities.

While Marion was working full-time, she managed to squeeze in the following: