Do You Love What You Do?

I am a big believer that when you do what you love, it is not work. Ever since I was in high school, I loved listening to people share their thoughts and emotions, problems they were struggling with (mostly with parents, dating, and school) and knew from then I was going to be a psychotherapist. I love listening to stories and when people share their challenges with me, they are sharing their story. I also love writing and having an active imagination plays well with this particular love of mine. Because of it, I wrote poems, short stories, novellas, and now am trying my hand at fiction. I wrote several non-fiction books, two on stress (one that took 20 years to finish), one on substance use and one on grief. I have several other books I want to complete, so writing will always be a part of what I do and what I love.
     And I love reflection. As an assistant professor (I will find out if I got a promotion in March/April), I get the privilege of observing students grow in the program I coordinate. I get an opportunity to guide them on their professional path. I love this. Since becoming a registered yoga teacher, I also have the opportunity to do more inner reflection and reflections when constructing a sequence or class.
     Since I have been on my path, I remember seeing what others do and how much they love it and remember telling myself, “Yes, I want to do that.” And now, I have others who tell me they want to do what I do. They often ask me how I can do so much and my reply is simple: I do what I love.


Serena Wadhwa

Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, RYT holds a doctorate in clinical psychology.  Dr. Wadhwa is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. She is the Director of TriQual Living Center (). Dr. Wadhwa works as an educator,  coordinator, therapist, stress coach, consultant, creator, presenter, trainer, lecturer, radio talk show host, yoga instructor and author.

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