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This free newsletter detailing new PR and corporate communications job openings has been a runaway success since Edward Lundquist launched it about a year ago. You can check out past issues online. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: Archives at:
PR insiders have relied on O'Dwyers print edition to bring them insider agency and firm news for decades. The publication's website includes daily news (especially new client wins), jobs postings and a services/vendor guide. The site also contains useful tools, such as the ability to look up a client's PR firm—so you can see which PR firm your competition uses.
Billed as "The After Hours Place for PR Pros"SM, this site includes useful articles, sometimes-provocative commentary, and very fun design that makes you feel like being a PR pro is not so bad after all. A great place to visit on Friday afternoons when you're feeling a bit tired.
Journalist Express
This site is a comprehensive resource for media and research outlets.

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