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A mouth-watering Thanksgiving Feast!

Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson has been cooking incredible meals on the land and on the sea for over 25 years. As a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field, we are truly grateful to have her tips for making a memorable, mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Hydrating!

It started with the feeling of being light headed and dizzy then progressed to leg cramps. Later that night while I slept, the leg cramps became unbearable, shooting me out of bed. Thinking back, I did remember earlier in the day, stopping to ask myself, why had I gone into the walk-in, and what was I looking for?

Bring on the Happiness

Where is your happiness found? Is it in your fur babies kiss or the look in your children’s eyes when they see their presents under the tree?  Is it found in seeing the light in your loved one’s smiles when you bring out the long array of food items lining a decorated table such as turkey or Christmas Feast?

On Gratitude

Remember, not everyone has loved ones to count on or a stable income, or has a place to live.  A lot of people do not even know what it feels like to be invited to someone’s home for a Thanksgiving celebration. A lot are stuck at home unable to travel, to sick, elderly, or perhaps their family has died leaving them with no one to count on.

Boundless Energy

Some of us are so focused on expending our energies to lead a more productive life, somewhere in that process we have forgotten to slow ourselves down to feed our bodies energy.

Designer Water

How do you know what is the best water for your needs?

Food Pharmacy!

Now more than ever, health practitioners are concentrating on the cross-reaction between food and medicine. There are specific types of food that can interfere with current medications. The Harvard Health Letter came out with a list of how the two affect each other. Now people are paying closer attention to their diets based on certain foods that can cause a drug interaction, which can either make medications stronger or weaker, or have an entirely different effect.

The Joys of Catering

I keep having a reoccurring nightmare. I am hired by Paula Deen as a caterer for her event of her returning to TV and I am fired. Like that is really going to happen but weirder things have happened in the world of food and my life! My reputation is ruined and I have to work in a grocery store cooking frozen food snacks. It’s probably a better gig now that I think of it!


Robotics, how many times have you heard someone lost their job to an automated system? It happened in the car industry and it is happening in the food industr

How Well Does Your Body Feel?

How Well Does Your Body Feel? Make a note of it!!! We have spent thousands on education, degrees, and our minds to get to where we are today and yet, why do we not spend the same amount of time on our food and our bodies? Where's the research there? Perhaps you bloat after eating wheat bread or start coughing and producing phlegm after having ice cream? Have you determined what the specific problem might be in regards to why you feel that way after eating those items? Think about it. It might be a food allergy and yet we continue the same pattern, eating the wrong foods for our specific type of body.