Soul Energy

We All Have Souls and I Think We Can Prove It!

by Tom Blaschko

With all the great ideas in this Connector about energy in the physical world, let’s not forget there is energy in the soul world, too. Soul energy is one of two components in the life force that powers our souls. The other component is information.

The energy part of the life force brings energy into regions of the soul. The illustration shows seven soul regions. The regions use energy to act. With energy, a region can do something. Without energy, it can’t do anything.

I know of two ways for energy to get into a soul region. It can come from other soul regions or it can be pulled from the universe.

Energy that is shared between regions in the soul can come through the Energy region and move to the other regions. It can also come from other people. Energy from the universe is less clear. Shamanic traditions say energy comes from the lower world and that’s the way I feel it.

Unlike physical reality, in soul reality there is always enough energy somewhere. Humans use just a tiny bit of it.

The real problem is accessing the energy. Traumas damage connections between soul regions, in our soul and between us and another soul. Other beings can steal energy from us or fill us full of negative energy, which is even worse.

Hoocha is another thing that stops us from finding the positive energy we need. Hoocha is a concept in Inca medicine. It doesn’t cause harm directly, but it really gets in the way so that nothing can happen. I see it as a dark cloud of gunk that we create when we are doing things badly or doing bad things. It can hang around forever. One of the big goals of healing work is to remove hoocha.

Hoocha blocks us from seeing possibilities for positive actions. We can’t know other people accurately. We can’t see our choices clearly. We feel stuck. At its worst, it s like tar covering us so thickly that we can’t move and can’t see our hand in front of our face.

Soul energy is important because of its role in life force. We see life force in action when we know that we really need to talk to a friend. It also shows up in Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments on knowing that we are being stared at. Energy healing relies on positive life force to change the client. In martial arts life force determines who will win a fight.

Positive energy makes us feel like we can accomplish something. Positive information lets us know how to do something that increases positive life force. When we have no information, even if we have enough energy, we can’t figure out what to do. When we have too little energy, we may know what we want but it all seems too difficult.

Soul energy — it’s what we need to live. For more about souls and life force, you can check out the website

Tom Blaschko is an author, researcher, and teacher based in Enumclaw, Washington. 



Tom Blaschko

Tom Blaschko has studied karate since 1970. He has experience in using shamanic practices and Emotional Freedom Techniques for healing. He saw the ghost of his uncle when his uncle died and had other experiences that just can’t be explained by Western science. But his real passion is sharing information about souls, especially practices that help us to heal and grow. He wrote "Calculating Soul Connections" as a first attempt to look at soul reality. After learning a lot more, he is writing "We All Have Souls and I Think I Can Prove It." You can follow his work and sign up for his newsletter on the website

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