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Art is in the eye of the beholder and the passion thereof time and limitless. The same can be said about Brad Twaddle’s immeasurable energy and passion for Dancing and the Arts.

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Velvet Geek

Beginning in the homeland of fabric—Kashmir, India—painting on velvet has been around . During the 1970’s velvet painting had reached its ultimate high, that is, until now.

There is a man who is bringing this art form back from the days of dated subjects amongst this beautifully textured...

Seattle Reigns as Most Bookish City

Seattle’s long season of dark, rainy days fosters a population that treasures books. A United States Census Bureau survey showed that Seattle had the highest percentage of college and university graduates of any major U.S. city. Seattle was listed as the most literate of the country's sixty-nine largest cities in 2005 and 2006, the second most literate in 2007 and the most literate in 2008 in studies conducted by Central Connecticut State...

Dean Landsman: Insight on best business books for summer reading

The question was this: what is your opinion about business books and what do you prefer to read for insights?  Crafting an answer was a challenge; it stimulated much thought, the sort of thought and insight one might anticipate receiving from a business book.

More often than not, it isn’t business books from which I derive insight. Life — and thus business — is about the human condition.  Insights and thought provoking content...

Need Money? Get a Life! Wali Collins and his Y’NEVANO philosophy

NYC Comedian and Entrepreneur Wali Collins has created a popular movement around his book The Y'NEVANO Book of ENCOURAGEMENTS.  

Le Yin | Extraordinary Dancer and Teacher

Le Yin is from Nan Chang, China. In 1989, the Beijing Dance Academy auditioned several hundred children in his hometown and he was one of two chosen. Le Yin began his formal training there and continued his training with the Houston Ballet Academy. When he first arrived in Houston, he was only beginning to learn English. Soon he became a principal dancer with the Houston Ballet.

From 2002 until 2007, he was a principal dancer...