Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind

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BOOKS: By Barbara Lloyd McMichael

Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind – Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian
162 pp - $2.99

Folks on the comedy circuit will recognize the man with the mile-high hair and megawatt smile instantly. Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian is a fixture in the comedy world, as a writer for many of the top comedians who preside at the New York Friars Club’s fabled roasts, and with his own ComedyMatters TV show on Facebook.

He has a couple of additional lines of work as well – his original training was in cosmetic dentistry, but he also performs work as a spiritual healer and – pertinent to this column – he writes books.

Gurian’s latest is an e-book titled “Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind.” On the cover, the dog in the lotus pose helps to underscore Gurian’s conviction that happiness can be achieved through a combination of spiritual work and humor.

In short chapters, Gurian draws from his own personal experiences to talk about how to cope with “heart wounds” – emotional bruises that may have originated as far back as childhood and that accumulate over time, leaving people feeling fearful, frustrated or embittered.

“Some of us don’t need to have any other enemies, when we know we can always count on ourselves. We seem to always be available, and we never say “no” to an opportunity to sabotage ourselves, and do something to mess up our own lives,” he writes.

This book dips into a variety of physical, psychological and spiritual approaches that encourage readers to replace their negative emotions with loving and lighthearted thoughts. Gurian mentions the STAR (Spiritual, Transformational, Affirmative, Resonance) Therapy he’s developed over three decades of practice, but he also talks about the importance of gentle touch, gratitude, detachment, behavioral kinesiology and other concepts that, once understood, people can employ to heal from their own emotional trauma.

What this book lacks in organization, it makes up for with a generous grab bag of gentle humor, practicable ideas, and heaps of encouragement. Available on Amazon.


Barbara Lloyd McMichael is our ground reporter in South King County, Wash., and author of the syndicated book review column “The Bookmonger.” Her PR for People® Book Review is written exclusively for The Connector. 


Barbara McMichael

Barbara Lloyd McMichael is based in the Pacific Northwest and writes about books and culture. She writes a syndicated weekly book review column called  “The Bookmonger” that focuses on Northwest books and authors. Her PR for People® Book Review is written exclusively for The Connector. 

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