Mall of Africa Hosts Microbusinesses

Just south of Seattle, after crossing the Duwamish River, old Highway 99 emerges from a heavily industrialized area and passes through the communities of Tukwila and SeaTac. Drivers will notice that this is where the four-lane roadway becomes International Boulevard. The name came about a few decades ago, in part to give more cachet to the arterial as it runs right past SeaTac International Airport. But it also reflects the growing diversity of the area, as recent waves of immigrants from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe have settled there, thanks to relatively affordable housing options and plenty of hospitality and other airport-related jobs that recognize multilingual employees are an asset.

Dave Bresler | The Ultimate Connector

When Dave Bresler steps into the room, businesspeople from every profession and industry gather around him. He holds people’s attention with the same reverence that used to be accorded to priests, rabbis, and pundits. Seeing Dave Bresler in action for the first time, you might wonder if he’s one of New York City’s legendary power brokers. Bresler is not a pundit or a power broker, and he’s certainly not a priest or a rabbi. But he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. 

Dave Bresler gives us a few helpful networking tips

There are a fair number of people, especially the ones who have stayed over the years, who have done some significant business from the relationships they had made. 

New film: STEWART UDALL and the Politics of Beauty

New film: STEWART UDALL and the Politics of Beauty is finally in the home stretch; to raise finishing funds, we’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter. It’s a beautiful campaign, and I know you’ll love it. The page itself is beautiful – we’re very proud - and I can’t wait for you to check it out. There’s also a short new video trailer I think you’ll like.   We hope to complete the film in mid-September and it will premiere in Santa Fe in October.

Paying Homage to the Head Beagle

It’s never a bad idea to be strategic and to think like a clever Sicilian. The Godfather knew how to build a network. The Godfather knew how to surround himself with a close-knit circle of allies, strategic partnerships, and key influencers—head beagles—who understand this guiding principle: I help you. You help me. We all rise together. 

Searching for Character

So, you ask, “Why should I be so concerned with this question of  character and destiny at this point in time—and where do I fit in to all of this?”  Well, simply stated, I am in my seventh decade now—an elder. I still want to understand and try to make sense of what lessons my country’s character has given to me and continues to impart.

We don’t know ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland

I am still gripped by Fintan O’Toole’s powerful rendering of the Irish—a culture that is as mystical as it is exasperating. His ability to insert poignant memories from his own life within the context of the larger whole of modern Irish history gives the book far richer meaning than if he only presented historical narrative without his own personal reflection. 

Could ethnic minorities save the Senate for the Democrats?

Two different approaches to shaping America's future: The Republican Party, through Donald Trump and their primary system, has repeatedly fanned fears among white Americans of crime coming from urban gangs of minority ethnic youths and drug cartels run by South Americans. Democrats since WWII moved toward accepting a more ethnically diverse democratic society. And while they often fall short in pursuing one, they have rhetorically embraced a multicultural society.