“He’s P.T. Barnum”: The Trouble is, Politics Ain’t Show Biz

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” The quote in my title (above) is how Donald Trump was once characterized by his sister – a federal judge.   No kidding. Phineas Taylor Barnum was the nineteenth century self-described “showman” (he seems to have invented that job category) who made a fortune promoting celebrated hoaxes with gullible audiences.  Barnum himself marveled at how willingly the American public “submits to a clever humbug.” 



When Taxes Fund Fun, You Gotta Love ‘Em

For both individuals and businesses, paying taxes can feel a little like getting beat up by the school bully for your lunch money. Or, you can look at taxes as a tool to fuel progress and fun. 

Digital Strategy and the Future of Money

Before we get to cryptocurrency, also known as digital money, let’s look at the evolution of currency and perceived value which may or may not have been clear or apparent as it has occurred right before your eyes.

The Jewel of Auburn New Hampshire

The key to understanding people and the world around us begins with education. One way to learn about the world is by developing a love of books. Each month, we will profile a library. Large, small, urban, rural, post-modern, quaint or neo-classic; do you have a library that you love? Tell us about it.  We Love the Griffin Free Library in Auburn, New Hampshire


Arbitration Blues: Stormy Daniels v. Donald Trump

The dispute between porn star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump continues to dominate the news cycle. Ironically, the nondisclosure agreement (NDA) purportedly entered into between them was designed to avoid any publicity about their alleged affair that happened more than ten years ago. Among other things, the NDA contains a one-sided arbitration clause (NDA Sec.5.2) and Daniels is waging a determined battle to have the NDA, including its arbitration provision, declared invalid. Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, filed a Complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court (cause No. BC 696568) seeking that relief.  Mr. Trump’s attorneys have recently removed the case to U.S. District Court, at least for the time being.  A public trial rather than private arbitration would be a more favorable forum for Daniels...

Shuli Egar, Walker Hays Plus Nathan Macintosh and Finesse Mitchell

Shuli Egar Planning 1/2 Drunk Album Taping, Walker Hays Fills Us In on Melbourne Comedy Fest Plus Nathan Macintosh and Finesse Mitchell

White Helmets

An average young man from an average Syrian town, White Helmets co-founder Mahmoud Al-Hattar never expected his path to lead to the stage of the 2018 Academy Awards. But that’s exactly where he was headed when the film, “Last Men in Aleppo”, about a group of volunteers who rescue civilians from the rubble of bombing targets, was nominated for Best Documentary.  Unfortunately, the Syrian government (no fan of the White Helmets), stood in the...

HEBRON: Hell on Earth for Palestinians

We saw the colorful painted words on the wall (with white doves above them) in front of a school in Hebron: “FREE PALESTINE.” On closer examination, we noticed that someone had tried to whitewash those words with paint, but the message still is visible. This was our welcome to the largest Palestinian city in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.