The Good Old Days? I Don’t Think So

What was it about the old days to call them good? From what I’ve read in the history books people had it pretty rough back then.  The Inquisition, scarlet fever, slavery, the Holocaust, life expectancy was a lot shorter, people could smoke cigarettes on planes, and worst of all, rotary phones.

From Vermont | Are Humans Now the Robots?

All the Sci-Fi movies make me really rethink a future with robots at our side. The various films explore what those relationships might be like and have me wonder, would it actually be an improvement to who we already are with and for each other?

Hello, I’m the robot repair person

Who was the most influential person in the last half-century?  Who made so big an impact, a difference that his or her accomplishments gave direction for years to come?  In this, the Digital Strategy column, the answer is obvious: Steve Jobs.  He put a powerful computer in the pocket, pocketbook or on the belt of nearly everyone on the planet.  His music player got absorbed into those pocket computers.  The iPhone was the gateway to those powerful computers.  Computers that enable music and photography functionality and voice communication would have been unimaginable 50 years ago.

His surname was Jobs.  How prophetic.  The industries he triggered and the acceptance and adoption of connectivity and automated machinery helped propel a Digital Revolution. Jobs (Steve) created all sorts of new jobs (employment) and job categories that occurred, as a result of his efforts.

Laughable Launch and Barry Katz

Laughable Launch, Barry Katz Reveals the Truth About JFK and Addressing the Rumors About Crapshoot Attendance

An Aria from Volkswagen – In 27 minutes

The longer you are put on hold by your phone service provider or your bank is a good indication of just how irrelevant you are—small time spender, low-net worth individual, big fat debtor, bad credit risk, slow to pay and quick to ire. The algorithms have got your phone number.  Get over it and get used to it. You’re a loser baby. 

Kinsella V. JAMS: Trial and Endgame

In 2015, venture capitalist Kevin Kinsella and his wife, Tamara, chose to litigate their divorce before a retired former judge and JAMS panel member, Sheila Sonenshine.  JAMS is a large national provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and has more than 300 panelists in a number of U.S. cities.

Dean Landsman | On Hillary

This email arrived from Hillary Clinton the other day, a note from her promoting Onward Together, personally addressed to me. Why me? Because I’m on the Hillary e-mail distribution list, as a supporter, a Hillary voter.


"The key word is 'trust.' Without it, you're dead. Without it, stay home!" - Alan Gold, Canadian mediator

The level of trust between mediators and parties is key to the success of the mediation process. When two or more parties decide to participate in mediation, it’s generally because some sort of dispute, disagreement or litigation has been instigated. As a result, a certain level of distrust has already been fostered between the parties. There’s no guarantee that by participating in mediation they will ever truly come to trust one another... and in some instances, there are sound reasons not to, but even parties entrenched in mutual suspicion can come to trust a true neutral. It’s vital that mediators work to earn the faith and confidence of each party. Without the participants’ trust in both the mediator and the process, the outcome of mediation will be less than ideal – if a resolution can be achieved at all